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Florida Joker seeks compensation for parody in Grand Theft Auto VI trailer – INDIAN

Seven years ago, an American actress Lindsay Lohan she sued unsuccessfully Rockstar Games. She claimed that the developers Grand Theft Auto V according to her, they designed one of the characters when loading the game, without her consent. She lost the case. Now he might try something similar Florida Joker. Lawrence Sullivan is demanding a million to two million dollars from the well-known studio for being parodied in the first trailer for GTA 6.

The first trailer for the continuation of the famous gangster series uses a lot of “curiosity” from Florida and other places in the United States of America. Along with pulling an alligator out of a pool, twerking on the roof of a car, a naked guy at the pump, a nearly naked elderly man watering the garden, frolicking in the mud and partying on a boat, it’s tattooed criminalwho looks like the Joker.

Sullivan is not happy about this inspiration and wants to talk to Rockstar. By doing this, he is probably indicating that he is planning to sue. He posted a series of videos on TikTok where he compares himself to the tattooed man in the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer. Some write that he is hallucinating. Others encourage him to have such misuse did not like

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“We need to talk, GTA. Or you have to give me like a million or two” reports Sullivan, asking between $1 and $2 million for a character in the game. “The Florida Joker won’t like it, you took my form, you took my life.”

What do you think, can Sullivan succeed in a potential lawsuit if Lindsay Lohan failed? It is questionable whether the Florida Joker will have a bigger role in the game. The trailer hints at his greater involvement in the story. He was probably arrested by mistake when the police were looking for the main couple (Lucia and Jason). It is possible that the tattooed guy will want revenge and we will meet him more than once.

One lawyer who represented a video game company in a similar dispute says that chances of Sullivan are very slim. “He’s just another guy with a tattoo on his face,” supplies.

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