Keeps plasma with antibodies older with corona out of the sick …

Does plasma with antibodies against the coronavirus protect elderly patients from dreaded hospitalization? Professor Jaap Jan Zwaginga of the Leiden University Medical Center asks elderly people who have the virus just among their members to take part in a major study. Teams from the LUMC and Erasmus MC, together with the Sanquin blood bank, are […]

Park with about a hundred partying people cleared in Leiden

According to a reporter from Key city it is about a large group having a drink together. Some of those present are drunk. Businesses and residents from Doezastraat called the police around 9 p.m. People were expelled from the park by 10 p.m. According to Sleutelstad, no fines have been handed out. Illegal parties In […]

Leiden student association Minerva suspends introductory activities | NOW

The Leiden student association Minerva is suspending the introductory activities for the new academic year. Minerva is the first of the major student associations to take this step. The reason is a number of infections within the association. The society on Breestraat will not be closed yet. The problem is mainly in student houses. This […]

Leiden doctor Frank Kroon receives royal decoration | NOW

On Thursday evening, on the occasion of his farewell from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Doctor Frank Kroon received a royal decoration. Kroon received the ribbon from Mayor Henri Lenferink of Leiden. Kroon conducted research in the field of HIV and AIDS. Thanks in part to these studies, an infection with HIV has become […]

Corona diagnosed by six employees of the Leiden University Medical Center | NOW

Six employees of the surgery department of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) have been diagnosed with the corona virus. The Leiden hospital reports this on Friday. Healthcare personnel have been in close contact with five patients. These patients have been informed by the LUMC and the GGD and remain in quarantine for ten days […]