Life imprisonment for a sadist

IIn the trial of the “Ikea corpse”, the verdict has been pronounced. The two main defendants, mother and son, receive life imprisonment. For the mother, the Darmstadt Regional Court has determined the severity of the guilt, which means that parole after 15 years is excluded. Together with her 26-year-old son Patrick U., the judges are […]

Ikea in Wilrijk released again after preventive eviction

The Ikea branch in Wilrijk was preventively evacuated on Tuesday afternoon after a threatening letter had arrived. The Antwerp police arrived on the scene and did a complete sweep of the store and the parking lot. Nothing was found, so the site was reopened The Ikea in Wilrijk was evacuated on Tuesday afternoon. The police […]

Trial of “Ikea corpse” from Frankfurt

IThe courtroom is about alcohol and its effects. The defendant does not deny having committed the alleged killing of another woman, but she does not admit the crime either. Rather, Manuela U. claims that she could not say anything about the act. She has no memory of the day because she was drunk. On other […]

Trial of the Frankfurt “Ikea corpse”: For the joy of tormenting

Dhe psychiatrist has a clear idea of ​​the accused and of what she is capable of. Manuela U. has sadistic traits, she enjoys torturing other people mentally or physically, says Henning Saß as an appraiser at the Darmstadt Regional Court. Its second large criminal chamber has to solve the murder of a woman whose body […]

IKEA fined Rp20.7 billion for spying on employees

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A French court imposed a fine of 1.2 million European euros or the equivalent of Rp. 20.7 billion (an exchange rate of Rp. 17.250 per European euro). IKEA France has been proven to have a system of spying on hundreds of employees and prospective workers illegally in recent years. The company […]

SP Calls Giant Lays 7,000 Employees, This is HERO’s New Plan!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Retail issuer PT Hero Supermarket Tbk (HERO) said it would provide Giant employees with the opportunity to apply for work again in other company-owned business lines after the permanent closure of Giant outlets. This is the impact of the termination of employment (PHK) of employees because the company decided to close […]

Giant Closes, Here’s Fitch Ratings’ Astonishing Forecast!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The permanent closure of Giant retail outlets by PT Hero Supermarket Tbk (HERO) starting next July will not necessarily benefit its competitors such as Hypermart, Carrefour and Transmart. This is because retail companies face competition from smaller minimarkets and grocery retailers. Research published by Fitch Ratings explains that while HERO will […]