Stupid Laptop

The black color sticks to him. Looks beautiful and seductive. Silence and said I would be needed. You are also very excited and sometimes annoying. When you are needed, you are not even a friend. You seem selfish. You don’t want to burn, but still give hope. You are so stupid in my mind. You […]

“I feel so dumb”

Luxembourg Luxembourg News Posted on Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 6:22 a.m. Through Simon martin Despite the many testimonies of previous victims and despite the proliferation of prevention campaigns on the subject, many people continue to be scammed online. Latest example a few days ago where a Habaysian was the victim of unscrupulous online crooks […]

Film review “New York – The world at your feet” about Matt Green

March 8, 2020 at 5:02 pm Stadtwanderer Matt Green : Sisyphos in New York New York State of Mind: City runner Matt Green looks out over Manhattan. Foto: Happy Entertainment / filmkit on/Happy Entertainment / filmkit online The great cinema documentary “The world at your feet” accompanies Matt Green, who wants to pace all the […]

Putin: It is ridiculous to call the Russians an indigenous people

Vladimir Putin PHOTO: Reuters To call the Russians an indigenous people of Ukraine is not just incorrect, but ridiculous and stupid, said Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Russia-24 television. “It is an obvious fact that the people who joined the Russian state together with these territories were called Russians. Therefore, to talk […]

Trueba and stupid cinema

We could ask ourselves how dare a film director, brother of a film director and father of a film director, from his vantage point, make such haughty considerations towards the majority of the industry. He does it since seniority. He does it from the knowledge that the years give him. And he certainly does it […]

Viral Men Hunt Police Fool Masker Mall Visitors in Surabaya

Surabaya – A video of a man stupid masked mall visitors viral. The police find out who the man is. “We will explore and investigate after the video viral, “said Kasat Reskrim Surabaya Police AKBP Oki Ahadian to detikcom, Monday (3/5/2021). Oki said that his party would profile the man with glasses and whiskers. The […]

Fortuna Düsseldorf coach Uwe Rösler is deeply disappointed after the 1: 2 in Würzburg.

February 1, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. Fortuna’s trainer after the disgrace : “We did a stupid job” <!– <!– <!– Uwe Rösler had imagined the game differently. Photo: dpa / Matthias Merz Fortuna’s coach and players are relentlessly self-criticizing after the 2-2 defeat at the bottom of the table, Würzburger Kickers. The deeply disappointed Uwe […]