Definition, Parts, and Functions of the Plant Cell Nucleus

The nucleus is the nucleus of the cell which contains most of the genes. The nucleus acts as a genetic control center surrounded by two parallel membranes. There are holes in the form of pores called cytoplasm. The nucleus is elliptical in shape which is protected by a nuclear membrane (nuclear membrane). Quoting a book … Read more

Microsoft discontinues Windows 8 support, here’s how to upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft End of technical and security support for Windows 7 Extended Security Update (ESU) and Windows 8/8.1 starting today (10/1). How to switch or upgrade to an alias operating system operating system latest (operating system) like Windows 10 and 11? “Both operating systems (Windows 7 and Windows 8) will no longer be supported as of … Read more

What is a Solar Eclipse? This is an explanation of a rare phenomenon

One of the two phenomenon of nature the long-awaited and rare is the solar eclipse. This eclipse is known to occur when the sun, moon and earth are in parallel orbits. So the moon will block the light emitted by the sun. Solar eclipse, especially a total solar eclipse, occurs only once every few years. … Read more

Three ways to use Excel Macro, can be applied in Microsoft Word

Microsoft 365 always comes with a set of software that can make the work of its users easier. Among others there are ExcelWord, PowerPoint, One Drive, One Note, Project, Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Interestingly, Microsoft 365 software is also very possible to connect with each other. For example, any files or archives you create can … Read more

Looking at the various ways to cleanse the lungs naturally at home

The lungs are vital organs for humans. The main function of the lungs is to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. when lung function disturbed, it can cause various problems in the body. One of the causes of the emergence of various problems and pathology in this vital organ are the dirty lungs. There are various … Read more

8 Types of Exercises for Diabetics

Diabetes is a health disorder caused by high blood glucose levels. If sugar levels are not controlled properly, it is not impossible that the sufferer could have serious complications, such as arthritis and nerve damage. In addition to using drugs and maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise can also help control blood sugar. Quoted from … Read more

Recognize water fleas, their causes, symptoms and treatments

Water fleas are fungal infections of the feet. This disease is also known as keep pedis or athlete’s foot in the world of health. This fungal infection usually starts between the toes and then spreads to all areas of the foot. This condition can occur in all age groups. Quoted from the page Alodokter.comWater fleas … Read more

Be careful, here are 10 skin diseases that appear during the rainy season

When the rainy season arrives, the body becomes more susceptible to skin diseases. Humid climate is a suitable condition for the development of germs, bacteria and viruses. In addition to the flu, skin diseases are very likely to occur in the rainy season. Skin diseases that occur in the rainy season are caused by several … Read more