Edward Snowden Talks about the Collapse of Crypto Prices, Dare to Read?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Edward Snowden admits that he still believes that cryptocurrencies will not lose their prestige even though the current crypto price continues to fall. On the contrary, Snowden believes that crypto winter is able to filter out those who actually use crypto functionally. “The only people left are people who use this […]

The Brutal 6 Day Chronology That Beats Bitcoin

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Semester I 2022 is not over yet, the price of Bitcoin has fallen. Bitcoin fell to as low as US$ 17,749, equivalent to Rp. 270,512,509 and Ether at US$ 897, equivalent to Rp. 13,671,177 as selling in the crypto market increased. The world’s two most popular cryptocurrencies are down more than […]

Crypto Prices Drop, What Should Investors Do?

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The crypto asset market has not been doing well lately. The price decline continues and a number of crypto assets are increasingly falling in price. The crypto market was also rocked by the algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) which collapsed in value and failed to maintain parity against the US dollar. Then, LUNA, […]

Whoops! Crypto Boss Gets Poorer, Hundreds of Trillion Rupiah Are Lost

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Falling crypto prices have impacted the wealth of some of the wealthiest bosses in the crypto sector. One of them is Coinbase founder, Brian Armstrong. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index says his current wealth is only US$2.2 billion (Rp 32 trillion) or a decrease of US$11.4 billion (Rp 167 trillion) since last […]

Russia Turns to Crypto, Bitcoin Price Reaches IDR 631.4 Million Per Piece

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Market cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency still continuing its strengthening in today’s morning trading session, Wednesday (2/3/2022). This strengthening trend is in line with the fall of the Russian currency, the ruble. Many investors choose to switch from rubles to crypto assets. The reason is, despite having high volatility, cryptocurrencies are considered more resistant […]

Crypto Market Excites, Bitcoin Rage With No Mercy

GenPI.co – Pasar crypto in today’s trading is getting excited. This is proven by Bitcoin’s rampage without mercy Launching from Coinmarketcap, Saturday (5/2) at 12.30 WIB, Bitcoin up 9 percent at the price level of USD 41,638 or IDR 559 million per coin. Ethereum rose 11.08 percent in the last 24 hours, at USD 2,9843.83, […]

The Price of Bitcoin Pardons, 3 Crazy Cryptos

GenPI.co – The price of Bitcoin is inversely proportional to the other three cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours. When the price of Bitcoin fell, the other three cryptocurrencies went up insanely. Reported from Coinmarketcap, Wednesday (12/1) at 10:00 WIB, the price of Bitcoin up 1.01 percent. READ ALSO: Crypto Price Update: Bitcoin Crashes, But […]

Besides Bitcoin, 5 Crypto Recommendations for the Next Week

GenPI.co – Five cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin highly recommended to be played during the next week. The cryptocurrencies have shown extraordinary performance in the past seven days. One of them is Ethereum. Reported from Coinmarketcap, Sunday (26/12) at 02:00 WIB, the price of crypto- it touched USD 4,086.36. READ ALSO: 3 Crypto Assets That Have […]

3 Reasons Bitcoin and Other Crypto Prices Will Soar

GenPI.co – Indodax Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Oscar Darmawan predicts Bitcoin price and other cryptocurrencies will soar. According to Oscar, there are several factors that cause crypto prices to gradually rise. One of them is the decision of El Savador President Nayib Bukele to buy 21 Bitcoins on December 21, 2021. READ ALSO: Can Crypto […]

Bitcoin Prices Are Crazy Again, Other Cryptos Don’t Want to Lose

GenPI.co – Cryptocurrency prices (cryptocurrency) Bitcoin started going crazy again after a collapse. Reported from Coinmarketcap, Saturday (25/12) at 02:00 WIB, the price of the BTC-coded crypto broke the USD 51,225.14 figure. Bitcoin price is up 1.73 percent in the last 24 hours. In the past week, crypto prices it jumped 9.59 percent. READ ALSO: […]