“Successful Blood Donation Collection in Moriani by ABSD Volunteers”

Donation of blood: a great collection in Moriani 27/04/2023 ABSD volunteers managed to collect 25 blood bags from the 30 donors presented, including 3 new ones this Thursday in Moriani, which will allow a number of patients to receive their blood transfusion. Next collection in Aléria on Tuesday May 2 in the parking lot of … Read more

Collectif Corse Santé petition for total reconstruction of dilapidated hospital

“Published online on Tuesday March 21, the petition has already collected more than 10,000 signatures” welcomes in a press release released on April 17 the Collectif Corse Santé which with three unions, the CGT, the STC and FO launched this consultation to obtain the total reconstruction of the hospital. “This dilapidated site, over-indebted, not sufficiently … Read more

Océane Ayala, an Ajaccienne qualified for the European University Championship

She had to leave the federal system for her studies. Océane Ayala started combat sports at the age of 12, at Aiacciu Kick Boxing. At 18, she left Corsica to settle in Aix-en-Provence, where she began her psychology studies at the University of Aix-Marseille. Left for five years with a view to a master’s degree, … Read more

A joyful and lively Epiphany to Our Lady of Lourdes

«In our daily lives, too busy with so many things, we no longer see the light of God » stressed Father Georges Nicoli, parish priest of ND de Lourdes, in his homily. ” This light, this star that the Magi saw and that led them to the child Jesus, we no longer need today. The … Read more

vote for your favorite shipyards in Bastia

Overall, nature-related projects are the most popular this year. “In 2021 the proposals were very focused on the historical heritage of the city. There we see very clearly that it revolves around greenery, ecology”, observes Antoine Graziani. In addition to the urban planters, an ambitious project is called “Trees for Bastia”, and aims to make … Read more

what if it was Manon Venturi?

Four gold medals at the French synchronized swimming championships in April, a bronze medal then a second at the European Championships in Alicante in July then a placement in the world top 5 after the Quebec World Cup: the titles of the young swimmer from Bastia, already very substantial, it has expanded considerably in recent … Read more

the SNT proposes the first appeal for annulment

Professional elections are an important moment in the internal democratic life of the Corsican Collectivity. As regards the ballot of 8 December, it is worth noting that the electoral campaign, the ballot and the counting went perfectly: the voting operations were perfectly regular on a formal level. The minutes were signed unanimously by both the … Read more

Valérie Bozzi, mayor of Grosseto-Prugna, is appealing in cassation

Prosecuted for unlawful interest-taking, Valérie Bozzi was sentenced on Wednesday 7 December to four months of suspended confinement, a 5,000 euro fine and three years of ineligibility by the Bastia Court of Appeal. Two days after the sentence, the mayor of Grosseto-Pruna decided to appeal to the Supreme Court as confirmed by his lawyer Me … Read more

IN PHOTO – Sainte Barbe. Firefighters honor their patron saint in Bastia

Cruel is the story of this saint, who came from the East in the middle of the third century. Only daughter of Dioscorus, of great beauty, Barbara is a very courted young woman. Despite many marriage proposals, including powerful lords, she refuses to marry. Her father then locks her up in a tower, away from … Read more