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Sporting de Bastia brings back a precious success from Grenoble (0-1)

Stade des Alpes, Grenoble Foot: 0 SC Bastia: 1
Arbitre : Olivier Thual
Warnings: to FC Grenoble; Sainati (66th) at SC Bastia

Grenoble Foot
Maubleu, Monfray, Paquiez, Mendy then Gaspar (75th), Diarra, Bambock, Touray, Benet, Phaëton then Sbai (75th), Tell. then Meissa Ba (66th), Bamba

SC Bastia
Placide, Tavares, Sainati,
KaibouëDucrocq, N’Diaye, Bonhert then Van den Kerkhoff (79th), Guidi, Vincent then Salles-Lamonge (71st), Santelli then Djoco (63rd), Baï then Magri (63rd)

These are two teams very close to each other – in the classification as well as on the technical, tactical and athletic level – which evolved this Friday evening on a lawn of the Stade des Alpes where the thermometer flirted with zero degrees.
But beyond these considerations, it was a question of one side as of the other of making fruitful its capital points to remain in contact with those which occupy the best places at the head of the championship.

Yet after the first period, despite some great opportunities on both sides, neither Grenoble Foot nor SC Bastia had managed to shake the nets.
We think in particular on the Grenoble side of the strike from Tell (27th), this aborted attempt by Phaëton (29th), this resumption of the lobed head of Tell which grazed the right upright of Placide.
On the Bastia side there was this opportunity signed Bonhert from the outset which ended with a free kick against… him and then at the end of the first period this tense cross from the same Bonhert that Maubleu finally repelled with both fists.

At the break, therefore, we could consider that Grenoble had had its good periods and had created the best chances, without managing to conclude against a team from Bastia who displayed a level very close to theirs.

The start of the second period of play confirmed this impression and if Bastia obtained a 7th corner, it was still Grenoble who were the most active in the opposing camp.
However it was only at the start of the last quarter of an hour when Régis Brouard had upset part of his team that the locals signed their best opportunity but it was without counting on Placide who stopped this attempt in a beautiful way de Ba that the entire Stade des Alpes already saw in the back of the visitors’ nets.
But Bastia also remained very active with increasingly sharp offensives.
And what had to happen happened, even if we expected more.
The Corsicans who had suffered until then would indeed take advantage of a local error to leave the Stade des Alpes with 3 points.
Comment ?
After a ball badly returned by the Grenoble defense, Djoco managed, in fact, to control at the entrance of the six meters and to shoot Maubleu with a clear strike.
And Bastia prevailed 1 to 0.

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