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vote for your favorite shipyards in Bastia

Overall, nature-related projects are the most popular this year. “In 2021 the proposals were very focused on the historical heritage of the city. There we see very clearly that it revolves around greenery, ecology”, observes Antoine Graziani. In addition to the urban planters, an ambitious project is called “Trees for Bastia”, and aims to make the city center green. Another proposal aims to revitalize the open-air theater of Alb’Oru, to make it more usable and attractive.

But does it work in the end? Of the four projects designated last year, how many were implemented? As Antoine Graziani notes, the votes for 2021 were mainly directed towards the recovery of Bastia’s historical heritage. Gold, “As soon as it revolves around heritage, there are many procedures, especially for sites classified as historical monuments”. So if all the projects have started, they have not yet been successful. In the range of successes, however, the renewal of the majolica tiles of the church of Saint-Charles can be noted.

To choose your favorite projects, go to the site https://www.bastia.corsica/servizii/participazione-citatina/je-vote/ or in one of the following locations: Bastia Town Hall, Historic Center House, South District House, Public Services House, François Marchetti Social Center and Alb’Oru ​​Cultural Centre.
Voting closes on December 31st.

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