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A joyful and lively Epiphany to Our Lady of Lourdes

«In our daily lives, too busy with so many things, we no longer see the light of God » stressed Father Georges Nicoli, parish priest of ND de Lourdes, in his homily. ” This light, this star that the Magi saw and that led them to the child Jesus, we no longer need today. The light today is Jesus. We need to look at every moment of our lives to see how God is working in our lives. We often tell ourselves that the good things that happen to us are due to us and that the bad things come from God. In joys we forget God. At Epiphany the important thing is Jesus, not the Magi. The Magi came to adore the word of God. Jesus who still today manifests himself through the wafer ».

The Magi are Melchior, an old man with white hair and a long beard, Gaspard, a beardless young man with red skin, and Balthazar with a black face and a beard too, at least that is the description given to him. Age. The first of the Magi brought gold to the child Jesus. The 2th incense, the 3th myrrh. The gold refers to the kingship of the child, the incense, used for worship, evokes his divinity. As for the myrrh, which was used to embalm the dead, it reminds us that he too is human and mortal.
This is about the religious side. The more profane side can be found in the windows of our pastry shops in the form of brioche or frangipane. In Bastia, the Epiphany festival is also the traditional dish of lasagne, a white flour symbol of prosperity. The proverb says ” He complains about not eating lasagna at Easter Pifania all year round» : Those who do not eat lasagna on Epiphany will face difficulties all year round. Still in Bastia, we also share the ” strenna », a turnover of fresh brocciu. Many other traditions exist in Corsica for the Epiphany. In Bastelica bread was made with honey to which a coin or a bean was added.
In Soriu di Tenda, on the eve of the Epiphany, an olive branch was gathered by throwing each leaf into the fire and making a wish. If the leaf turns, the wish is granted….

Many other sayings also:

« Easter Pifania, we are in poverty and the whole world is complaining. At Epiphany we are in misery and everyone complains ».

« Easter Pifania sends away every party; then comes St. Benedict carrying a beautiful bag. Epiphany runs after all the holidays and then San Benedetto arrives with a sack full of them ».

« The olive tree that burns on Epiphany tells if the man or woman has betrayed. The olive tree burned on Epiphany reveals whether the man or woman has betrayed. »

« Pasqualella Pifania tell the truth and don’t lie. Epiphany tell us the truth and not the lie. »…..

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