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Promotion of girls’ education in rural areas: The IFEF accompanied by the MEN launches its second caravan

After the success of the first RELIEFH caravan last year in the south of the country, the Francophonie Institute for Education and Training (IFEF) begins its second tour starting next week, this time in north with half a day in Mauritania. “A first edition of the initiative took place from November 24 to December 10, 2022 in Senegal. It confirmed the need to carry out this type of concrete field action focused on the most marginalized French-speaking populations.
To continue to meet this need, the IFEF is mobilizing its efforts to play a central role as a driver of positive change and educational inclusion,” notes IFEF Director Mona Laroussi.

Thus, the IFEF offers an innovative and holistic approach to promote girls’ education in Senegal. At the heart of this approach, the awareness initiative “Caravan RELIEFH: I ride for more girls at school”, aims to be a catalyst for change, by deploying in rural and peri-urban areas to inform, mobilize and create an environment favorable to girls’ education.

The second edition of the RELIEFH Caravan is a crucial step in strengthening equality between girls and boys in education in Senegal and neighboring countries. With rigorous planning, clear objectives and measurable indicators, IFEF is well positioned to make this initiative a great success and contribute significantly to the achievement of SDGs 4 and 5.

The expected results include: increased awareness and awareness of the importance of girls’ schooling/inclusive schooling in targeted areas; Strengthening teachers’ skills in matters of gender equality.
The indicators are the number of students, teachers and members of management staff who have been made aware and have demonstrated a better understanding of the issues of gender equality in education; The number of teachers who participated in training sessions and who integrated teaching tools and methods focused on gender equality into their teaching practices.

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