FACT CHECK: Hoax, WHO Deliberately Spreads New Variant of Covid-19 Virus

Merdeka.com – A table is circulating showing the names of the Covid-19 variants along with the release date of each variant. The photo also includes the logos of the WHO, the World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins University. Account uploads Facebook This is accompanied by a narrative that WHO deliberately spreads a new variant of […]

Plague revealed in the us state of Colorado

Plague is treatable The outbreak of plague was detected by laboratory tests. A 10-year-old child died of an infectious disease. In the US state of Colorado, doctors diagnosed the plague after the death of a 10-year-old boy, who died, as it turned out, from complications associated with this disease, reports WGN9. The infectious disease was […]

The number of victims in the children’s camp in the Carpathian region has increased

Photo: Unsplash Children poisoned in a children’s camp in the Carpathian region The State Consumer Service began an investigation into the poisoning of seven children in a summer camp in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Already seven teenagers have been taken to the hospital due to poisoning in the suburban health and recreation facility of LLC “Deluxe-Kids-Karpaty” […]

Security officials checked more than 100 gas stations of the Glusco network

Photo: GFS Access to filling stations at Glusco gas stations is limited The pre-trial investigation of violations related to the sale of illegally imported oil products at Glusco filling stations continues. Employees of the State Fiscal Service and the Security Service of Ukraine carried out a set of simultaneous investigative actions at 106 facilities of […]