a call for witnesses launched after the discovery of a baby in a laundry basket

Sunday October 17, a call for witnesses was launched by the police station of Chartres after the unusual discovery of a Chartrain, according to information from The republican echo . On the evening of Friday, October 15, a man noticed the presence of a laundry basket. Intrigued, he looks inside and discovers an infant, bundled […]

what about babies whose mothers work

Breastfeeding that reaches 95% of newborns is sharply reduced to 40% after six months and one in ten children stops nursing for reasons related to returning to work, according to data released by the Ministry of Health. “Breastfeeding should not be understood as the sole responsibility of the person who breastfeeds and equal rights between […]

Bat chicks imitate adults just like human babies and chatter “on their tongues”

Photo: Pixabay. Image with illustrative role Bat babies imitate the speech of adults just like human babies. Scientists who have studied bats in Costa Rica have found that newborns emit sounds similar to human babies. According to the BBC, bats typically produce rhythmic sounds and repeat key “modular syllables”. The study suggests that little bats […]

Little backpack of stories chapter 2

The world turns, animals move house, and some things change places. Of all these events, we have saved some memories in our Report backpacks. Here you will always have a story to listen to, to imagine and create. If you like travel, roads and their hidden adventures, do not hesitate to enter. Join us on […]

Woman gives birth to 9 babies and amazes specialists

Halima Cisse 25 years old, originally from Timbuktu, was pregnant and according to ultrasounds reviewed by doctors she would have 7 babies, but she had 5 girls and 4 boys. OTHER NEWS: The young man who denies the “life hacks” on TikTok with his disapproving face A Malian woman gave birth to nine babies, two […]

Newborns’ first bowel movements can reveal the risk of allergies

The Norwegian academic community tells NTB that they like the findings in the British research, recently published in renowned Cell Reports Medicine , is very exciting. Researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) have shown a link between the composition and content of newborns’ first bowel movements, also known as meconium, or children’s pitch, […]