Benoît Pair as a couple with a candidate from “The Villa of Broken Hearts”

One of the figures of the reality show currently broadcast on TFX has just confirmed on Instagram to be in a relationship with the French tennis player on Instagram. The romance has lasted for six months. In long stories shared on Instagram earlier this week, Julie Bertin, candidate for season 6 of “The Villa of […]

Liam Gallagher, story of a comeback on Arte

The singer tells frankly “after Oasis” in the unpublished documentary “Liam Gallagher: As it Was” broadcast by the Franco-German channel this Friday, April 9 at 10:35 pm. From the opening ofAs It Was, subtitle The Greatest Comeback in rock’n’roll history, Liam Gallagher sets the tone: “I’m not doing this for the fame, I’m already famous […]

Free Framing Britney, the New York Times documentary that moves the United States

DECRYPTION – Singer Britney Spears is at the center of a shocking documentary that has a special resonance on the American continent and around the world. This is the documentary that everyone is talking about across the Atlantic. Its name holds in three words: Free Framing Britney. Produced by the New York Times and unveiled […]

three things to know about Ladybug and Cat Noir’s new adventure

Disney Channel broadcasts on Saturday September 26 at 9:20 a.m. an unprecedented 55-minute fiction during which the protagonists exceptionally leave Paris for the Big Apple. It’s a first. Ladybug and Black Cat fly to the United States, heading for the streets of New York. What they do not know is that the wicked Butterfly also […]