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London Ranks Worst in 5G Performance Among Major European Cities

London is at the bottom of 5G among the main European cities, according to a study carried out by the Spanish company MedUX. Specifically, the capital of the United Kingdom has the worst 5G speed performance and is positioned as the second worst in service reliability and accessibility.

To prepare the report, nearly 90,000 radio samples have been analyzed and more than 11,000 tests have been carried out to measure 5G performance and quality of experience in major European cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, ​​London, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Lisbon, Porto, Rome and Milan.

It should be noted that the United Kingdom was one of the first countries in Europe to adopt 5G, in most cases using technology from telecommunications provider Huawei. However, in 2020, after pressure from the United States and sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump, the United Kingdom announced the withdrawal of all Huawei equipment (and other Chinese suppliers) by 2027.

This could be one of the reasons that has placed London as one of the worst cities in terms of 5G, according to a report by Ookla, the company that manages the Speedtest.net internet service, which states that there is a decrease in the average performance of 5G throughout the country. Specifically, the United Kingdom had an average of 129.14 Mbps in December 2022, which represents a decrease of 38.26 Mbps compared to the previous year. “We were the first to adopt 5G, but now we are falling behind,” Andrea Dona, network director at Vodafone UK, told the Financial Times.

At the opposite pole, according to the MedUX report, Berlin is the city with the “best 5G experience” in Europe, closely followed by Barcelona and Paris. The German capital has a 100% reliability rate and a registration rate of 89.62%, only surpassed by Porto with 90%. In this case, the use of Huawei technology would also explain Berlin’s leadership as the most reliable European city in 5G. According to the Danish consultancy, Strand Consult, Germany would be the country in Europe with the most 5G equipment supplied by Huawei, with about 57% of the total equipment.

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