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Realme 12+ 5G: The Best Smartphone for Young People in the Middle Class Segment with Tough Weather Features

Thursday, March 7 2024 – 20:27 WIB

LIVE Techno – Realme 12+ 5G is predicted to have the best innovation for young people in the middle class segment.

Apart from prioritizing the photography sector and premium design, this smartphone is also claimed to be tough to use daily driver in all weather conditions.

Here are 3 features that make the Realme 12 Plus 5G tough for everyday use, even in rainy to hot hot conditions:

Dust and water resistant

Realme 12+ 5G presents certification IP54 Dust and Water Resistance which indicates resistance to dust and water. IP54 indicates a solid object protection level of “5” and a liquid protection level of “4”, meaning that solid objects with a diameter of 1.0 millimeters, including fine particles and dust grains, cannot enter the device.

Liquid protection also indicates that this device can withstand water splashes from all directions. This means that young people don’t need to worry about using smartphones in various situations and even in rainy conditions.


Realme 12 Plus 5G has features Rainwater Smart Touch which uses screen scan data. This smartphone can intelligently differentiate whether the input detected on the screen comes from water droplets or wet fingers.

In cases where water is detected, an algorithm is activated to interrupt the touch response to stop the unwanted touch action.

Special algorithms are also used to reduce the effect of water on wet fingers, thereby improving the overall user experience through better touch input accuracy.

To deal with hot weather, Realme 12+ 5G presents features Sunlight Display which refers to a pixel-level dynamic contrast adjustment function, working similarly to the human eye to adjust the screen to varying lighting conditions.

This allows each pixel to adjust its brightness level accordingly real-time according to the lighting environment, whether dark or bright, while maintaining the authenticity of the colors and beauty of the image on the screen.

When looking at a photo, the overall feel of the image will not change. Not to mention that the 120Hz AMOLED screen panel used by the Realme 12 Plus 5G supports a brightness level of up to 2,000 nits, so it is able to provide a clear display even when exposed to hot sunlight.

For information, Realme 12+ 5G is covered in a choice of colors Pioneer Green and Navigator Beige. Available with a memory option of 8GB+8GB|256GB, this middle class smartphone is priced at IDR 4.2 million.

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