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Realme 12 5G Series Launches in Indonesia with Revolutionary Features for Young Users

Saturday, March 2 2024 – 22:32 WIB

LIVE Techno – Realme 12 5G Series officially lands in Indonesia with a series of mainstay features for young people.

Indonesia can be proud of being the first country to launch two variants of this series, namely Realme 12 Pro+ 5G and Realme 12+ 5G.

Not only do they offer advantages in the photography sector with camera technology and features, they are also equipped with the latest operating system or OS, namely Realme UI 5.0 based on Android 14.

Not only is it easy to use, but this new OS brings a variety of additional innovative features such as File Dock, Flash Capsule, Smart Image Matting, and Phonelink.

These features are very interesting because they are found in the middle segment, and usually only available on premium class smartphones. Let’s examine them one by one:

File Dock

Realme presents the latest features in Realme UI 5.0 which allows users to multitask more smoothly by doing copy and paste various data easily just with features drag and drop to the small window on the side of the screen.

Not just writing, now various objects can be duplicated and pasted via the File Dock feature. This feature can also be used for cross-transfer between applications to allow users to perform various tasks more efficiently.

This feature allows the screen to display the status of services being used in the background.

Flash Capsule acts as a notification animation that provides status information on running applications so you don’t have to always be in the application.

Apart from several built-in features such as timer, calls, and TV mirroring, this feature also supports third-party services, such as Grab. This feature can facilitate efficient interaction with one touch.

Feature for isolating photo subjects such as humans, animals, buildings and various other objects in photos and videos. This feature also provides multi-subject recognition for up to 3 subjects.

Isolation results and crop these can be easily transferred to other platforms via gestures drag and drop quickly, or copy and paste. This makes it easy to share user creations for various needs.

To support user efficiency and effectiveness in sending data between platforms, Realme UI 5.0 is fully integrated with Microsoft LTW (Link to Windows) without requiring additional applications.

This enables collaboration across terminals and using a smartphone on a PC so there are no longer any boundaries between the two devices.

Realme ensures a smooth connection so that users can transfer various data directly between screens via gestures drag and drop only, and fully connected between devices.

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