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Some happy with the snow, others annoyed by cleaning

Snow has finally arrived in New York! And while it was less than three inches — falling between Monday and Tuesday — in places like Sunset Park in Brooklyn most residents we spoke to were happy.

“She’s pretty, pretty, pretty. Yesterday we went out to see how night was falling and it looks good. It’s been a long time since people have seen it and new people who have come here are surprised that there is snow,” Santos Misael said.

“Winter is coming to an end and I thought that snow would no longer fall in New York,” said Patricia Lario. “We had a sad Christmas, without snow, but now, we feel really good that we have snow. Not much, that’s what I call ‘slush’.”

For others, the snow is more of a headache.

“I don’t like it at all,” said Isabel Guzmán.


“He’s a jerk! It’s white mud!”

And there are those who would have preferred to spend the winter season without a flake of snow

Polanco on the snow: “it’s uncomfortable.”

“I don’t know why people want me to snow. Because, why? For this? For one to be able to fall, for the dirty one, it is uncomfortable. And whoever is here is already tired of seeing snow and even so, why doesn’t it snow? I don’t understand people, but he is fine, they already gave him snow, now to clean up, ”said Cecilia Polanco.

“It’s also a problem because sometimes you slip on the snow, and the children, work, all that,” added Winifer, another neighbor.

In points such as Central Park, 1.8″ inches of snow were reported, in LaGuardia 2.7″, JFK 1.5″, Fordham 3″ and The Bronx registered, on Tuesday morning, 5″ inches of snow.

For its part, the city’s Sanitation Department dispatched 70 trucks to spread 700 million pounds of salt to prepare the city streets and prevent cars from slipping.

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