Slováček said who Gelemová would be with at Christmas, he would prefer male company

5 – – Felix Slováček and Lucie Gelemová

Felix Slováček and Lucie Gelemová

Felix Slováček put his disputes with Lucie Gelemová and Dáda Patrasová on the ice for a while and is trying to concentrate on the approaching Christmas Day. But he does not yet know whether he will spend it with his rightful wife or prefer another option. He indicated that he could quite do without women.

Felix Slováček recently admitted that he has absolutely nothing under the Christmas tree. “I don’t have anything hidden in the closet yet on Christmas Day. And I admit, it scares me a lot. I’m not a lover of crowded shops and queues, but I’m going to have to do it. until the last day before Christmas, when the shopping frenzy subsides. I pray that everything will turn out the way it should on the holidays, that is, to all satisfaction, “Slováček told

In the last few years, the musician has been enjoying the holidays with Lucie Gelemová at her cottage in southern Bohemia. Now, as is well known, the situation is somewhat different. Slováček’s ex-girlfriend already has a new partner.

Gelem’s heart already belongs to another

“That’s true, but I admit I haven’t dealt with this either. It’s a fact that I spent the previous Christmas with Lucia, which probably won’t be this year when we’re no longer together. She’ll enjoy the holidays with her parents, I’ll probably be at son Felix and therefore also with my two boy grandchildren Felix Antonín and Rafael, “a well-known musician thought about the near future.

He has no idea whether he will spend Christmas time with his rightful wife Dada. “So I don’t really know this either and what my specific and precise intentions will be when, if we’re together or not, there’s really no point in speculating at the moment. There’s still some time to think and plan something, so I’m leaving it alone for now. “That the holidays are about something, that is, nice, full of experiences, simply ones that will be pleasantly remembered even over time. That’s what they are all about,” added Felix Slováček.

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