What made Gelem angry with Felix this time? That’s outrageous, he announced

A few days ago, the Municipal House in Prague organized an exhibition of works of art by the painter Vladimír Komárek († 74), who died twenty years ago. However, a painter also joined this important event Lucie Gelemová, who also exhibited her works on it. It Slováčka lifted up from the chair. Patras celebrated her […]

He fell in love with Dad? Felix Slováček in an embrace with a young girl

Felix Slováček and Electric lady Source: Profimedia – – Musician Felix Slováček reappeared alongside the young artist. This time it was not about his former mistress Lucia Gelemová, but about the frontwoman of the Electric Lady music group, Tereza Rays. He placed a photo from the christening of the band’s new album on his Instagram. […]

Dad Patras doesn’t hide her enthusiasm: I didn’t expect Felix to come back

5 – – Felix Slováček and Dagmar Patrasová – Dagmar Patrasová and Felix Slováček are running like two doves again. The couple appeared in Jaromír Soukup’s Instincts, where they spoke openly about a seven-year love triangle. Felix Slováček and his wife Dagmar Patrasová accepted the invitation to the show Instincts Jaromír Soukup and talked about […]

The Slovak is furious about Vit! Does Patras throw Italian overboard?

Dad Patras has burned enough. And although he describes his current relationship with his husband as harmonious, he does not want to give up his Italian stallion Vita. And that’s natural Slovaks don’t like it very much. Dad Patras accused Gelem: She drew Felix into the sect! – – – – – – – “It […]

Patras harshly accused Gelem: There was sect and magic in it!

The queen of children’s hearts and the saxophonist are now reuniting. “We never broke up, we’re still married and Felix never moved out of our house,” he says Dad with the proviso that it wasn’t just that. “But it took several weeks for Felix to precede me and assure me he was out of the […]

Dáda Patrasová described the return to Slováček: My soul…

Dáda Patrasová and Felix Slováček Source: Profimedia – – Not quite like two doves yet, but still with smiles on their faces and in a good mood, the couple who have been washing a lot of money, Felix Slováček and Dáda Patrasová, arrived recently at a social event in the Municipal House. While the male […]

Felix Slováček returned from the mountains straight to his wife:…

Dagmar Patrasová Felix Slováček Source: Profimedia – – Felix Slováček went to the mountains with friends at the beginning of the new year and really upset his wife Dagmar Patrasová, who allegedly didn’t know anything about it. Upon his return, however, the musician cuts Latin again and brought his wife to society even after a […]