Singer Bohuš Matuš and his wife Lucinka are dealing with a major crisis

Singer Bohuš Matuš (49) and his wife Lucía (19), with whom he has a two-year-old daughter Natálka, are dealing with an unexpected problem. No sooner have they moved into a new apartment, which they have furnished and decorated according to their taste with the aim of long-term living, they have to move away. This singer […]

Terror for Lucinka from Matuš: Strangers in the bedroom

Recently, Lucie Matušová she wrote a poem about how happy she is that there are many places in the vicinity of their new residence that she can visit with her two-year-old daughter Natálka. And although it was difficult to furnish the originally completely empty apartment, they were glad to be able to furnish it in […]

Dagmar Havlová showed her home: Luxurious staircase and…

Dagmar Havlová is careful about privacy. Although she shares moments with her friends and public events on her social networks, she does not allow people to see her house. Now, most likely by mistake, she showed fans fragments of her home. It happened during the preparations for the celebratory concert for the 30th anniversary of […]

Obermaierová (76) after years of lamenting poverty: SHE SPENT MILLIONS!

The serial star was said to be getting on her nerves as everyone around her moved her to a cottage near Zruč nad Sázavou. He wants to set everything straight. “Of course I spend spring, summer, autumn there, but son Jára lives there permanently. And I am permanently registered in Prague, where I was born. […]

Kuchařová versus Brzobohatý: What happened to the maisonette for 25 megabytes?

“Because Ondřej and I are romantic souls and because we love everything French: from old movies, history, cheese, wine, the Riviera to kisses, we decorated our nest and work studio in one in Provence style.” she bragged a year ago on her Táňa Instagram profile, as the website wrote at the time. Ondřej Brzobohatý […]

Gott is returning to the Czech Republic, but … DEBT IS WAITING HERE!

When she quickly moved back to Helsinki in May to see her husband, metal musician Tim Tolkki (55), she was the eldest daughter. Karla Gotta († 80) one sec after another. E.g. she did not have time to paint the apartment in Vysočany, which she returned. “The owner paid for it all and now she […]