Dada found support at Soukup: One simply does not comment on how a woman looks

Jaromír Soukup came up with an unexpected appeal to the people. He is often critical of a number of celebrities from the Czech and Slovak show business, and now he was discouraging viewers to be more moderate in their expressions. He addressed his support to actress and singer Dáda Patrasová. Mela became the star of […]

Felix Slováček reunites with his former lover Lucía Gelemová – Ž

The love affair that the musician Felix Slováček had with the half-younger artist Lucía Gelemová lasted for seven years. All the while, however, he was still married to the singer Dagmar Patras. And although their affair officially ended two years ago and it seemed that Patrasová could relax, it turns out that this is probably […]

Felix Slováček described the deteriorating condition of Dagmar Patrasová

Actress and singer Dagmar Patrasová (66) and her husband Felix Slováček (79) are not having a very happy pre-Christmas period. The musician claims to his wife that she is sick and needs to be locked up in the hospital. Instead, she proclaims that Felix is ​​definitely drinking more and that he wants to deprive her […]

I’m afraid Dada will die, Slováček despairs. He wants to strip her of her autonomy

Felix Slováček fears for the life of his wife Dagmar Patrasová. According to him, he should be deprived of autonomy. Otherwise, he is said to be in danger of losing his life. Actress and singer Dáda Patrasová and her husband Felix Slováček reportedly performed at a children’s event over the weekend. The little fans eventually […]

Anna Slováčková showed the reality of cancer treatment

Singer and actress Anna Slováčková (27) went through hell with breast cancer. The treatment of this disease is demanding, chemotherapy and radiation bring with them a number of inconveniences that the patient has to deal with mentally and physically. Anička, who after battling a nasty disease draws attention to the danger of cancer, has now […]

Jiří Datel Novotný of the Readers series was near to Dáda Patrasová

Just five several years have passed considering that the demise of actor Jiří Datl Novotný, very best known for the Guests collection, in which he appeared along with Josef Bláha, Josef Dvořák and Dagmar Patrasová. We don’t forget the most intriguing items from his wealthy existence. He traveled by motor vehicle with Patrasova on tour […]

Slovakian described his vacation with Dada: I had to get earplugs

5 – – Felix Slováček and Dáda Patrasová – The musician, composer and conductor Felix Slováček arrived at the Hotel Sen in Senohraby in good health and with a smile on his face. And how could he not, after all, he recently returned from a holiday in Tunis and, as he revealed to, he […]