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Shooting in Jackson Heights leaves a young Hispanic man dead

Notoriously desperate, Griselda García mourns the death of her oldest son Gilberto Gayosso, 25.

The young man died Tuesday night after being shot in the head. A merciless death that left this Mexican family shattered

“They can’t go around killing people like that, on the street, nothing more. So I don’t know their reasons why they did it,” said the mother of the family.

For more than twelve hours the section of Avenida 37, between Calle 95 and 94, remained cordoned off; while officers investigated how the deadly shooting occurred.

Griselda says her son, who dreamed of becoming a singer, had previously been threatened. She had asked him to move, to leave, but it was too late: “His dream was to sing. I told him to get out of here. To leave because he had already been bitten once. Many times I told him to he worried about his life that he was leading. He only told me: I’m going to be fine, mom. “

It was 8 pm when two young men were badly wounded by a gunman on board a car.

Gilberto died at the scene of the crime. While another young man, 21, was wounded in the torso and was taken to hospital in stable condition.

The shooting took place around 8 o’clock at night on the side of the sidewalk where there are several businesses and where many neighbors pass.

“Very serious, a lot of danger. There is no way to walk with confidence or anything. Hopefully there will be more police, more control,” commented a neighbor from the area.

This violent shooting comes at a time when a 125% increase in shooting victims is reported in the jurisdiction of Police Station 115, which comprises the Jackson Heights neighborhood, compared to last year’s figures.

Neighbors say they have seen more violence in their neighborhood: “There is no way to walk quietly. Because you have to walk looking this way, because there is no longer trust. Because there have been many deaths up there.”

The cause of the violent shooting has not yet been clarified but preliminary investigation indicates that it may have been gang-related problems. The young Gayosso had a criminal record, according to police.

There are still no arrests in this case, his mother just yearns for justice to be done: “They look for the person responsible, do something, stop all this.”

The police ask the public if they saw something if they know something, hesitate to call the confidential Crime Stoppers line at 1-888-57-PISTA.

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