Selectivity 2020 in Valencia: The exams will be at the institute

The selectivity 2020 or PAUThe Baccalaureate Assessment Tests for University Access will be carried out this year in the high school institutes and centers for students with the aim of “guaranteeing the health safety of all those who participate as well as allowing the development of exams in the best conditions “due to the coronavirus epidemic, highlighted the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig.

The head of the Consell has sent a message of tranquility to the entire educational community: “There are many people working to take the exams with all the guarantees.”

Meeting on where and how the 2020 selectivity tests will be done

The decision was adopted this morning at a meeting held by videoconference, attended by Ximo Puig, the Minister for Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, Carolina Pascual; the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport, Vicent Marzà; and the Minister of Justice, Interior and Public Administration, Gabriela Bravo.

This is the proposal that will be presented this afternoon for final approval at the PAU Management Commission, chaired by the Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, and also made up of representatives of the universities and the general coordination of the tests. . The commission meets to continue working on the coordination of the tests and their correct development.

The 2020 selectivity exams or PAU in Valencia will be done at the institutes for the coronavirus. Photo: M. A. Montesinos

The decision has been made following sanitary criteria and the management of the influx to the exam spaces. The entrance of the students will be done in an orderly and staggered way and in the access the temperature will be taken, as a preventive measure.

This measure will also be applied at the end of each test day, as well as in the use of the restrooms and in the exit to the rest areas after each exam. The objective is to avoid high concentrations of people in a small space and to facilitate the maintenance of safety distances.

The Generalitat will distribute hydroalcohol masks and gels for the protection of both the students and the teachers and the rest of the people who will participate in the organization and development of the exams.

The tests will be developed taking into account the sanitary recommendations for separation between the students during the tests, as well as the implementation of disinfection and cleaning protocols, before and after performing the PAU.

Ximo Puig has thanked the departments of Universities, Justice, Health and Education for “the coordination work and for their commitment to collaborate so that the tests are carried out in the best conditions.”

He has also thanked the universities and all the staff that is part of the courts and the faculty in general for all their work, which “demonstrates their great professionalism and dedication.”

“It is a decisive moment for the Valencian students who have to face this test and the fact that they can do it in an environment with which they are familiar, without crowds and in safe conditions, will help them at this time”, has added Carolina Pascual.

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