First figures on corona in care: 9 health care providers died, 458 hospital admissions

Six of the deceased health care workers are known to have existing health problems. This is not yet known for the other three deceased health care workers

In total, 13,884 health care providers have been or have been infected with the corona virus to date. It is the first time that RIVM has published figures about health care personnel.

It is not possible to trace from the figures where the health care workers contracted the infection. This can also have happened in private.

Two weeks ago, it was announced that several Erasmus MC employees in Rotterdam had become infected with the corona virus. Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Network Acute Care and chairman of the board of Erasmus MC, said that his employees had not become ill due to patients. With every infection, the hospital looks at the “fingerprint” of the discovered virus, he said.

New numbers

RIVM further reports today that the official death toll has increased by 84 due to the coronavirus. RIVM registered 84 new hospital admissions.

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