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Russian Oil Exports Banned, Fuel Prices Unchanged in Bulgaria

Despite the ban on the export of fuel, there is still no reduction in prices

The claims made last year by a number of politicians that only Russian oil is used in Bulgaria turned out to be highly exaggerated.

On Wednesday, the customs announced that as of January 1, we have 126,890,694 liters of the “Urals” variety imported under the derogation granted by the European Commission. According to the summary data collected by the customs officials during their inspection at the Burgas refinery and more than 50 tax warehouses, the total amount of oil in our country is 473,268,974 liters. This means that Russian is less than 1/3.

The data collection was done on the first day of 2024 because of the ban on the export of products made from Russian oil that came into force. However, customs do not announce how much of the fuel produced is from this oil.

However, the refinery has a grace period – after January 1, it has the right to process the delivered Russian oil and sell the fuels produced from it. However, this only applies to certain products if they are exported to countries outside the EU. This option was given because the refinery stated that if there was an absolute ban on exports, the warehouses would overflow, which meant a forced stoppage of production. From March 1, 2024, the import of Russian oil will no longer be possible.

Despite the suspension of exports, there is no decrease in fuel prices so far. Gasoline and diesel are sold within BGN 2.63-2.65 per liter. However, their prices have fallen significantly in recent months. The discount started at the beginning of November. Before that, A-95, for example, cost almost BGN 2.90.

However, fuels were the most expensive in the middle of last year. Gasoline had reached BGN 3.40 per liter, but after the then government voted in August for a 25 cents per liter discount for cars registered in Bulgaria, prices began to go down. (24 hours)

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