Review: Psychiatric Patient Released, Stabs Mother in Head with Two Knives

A man who was released from a mental institution a few days ago killed his mother in Sofia and lived with her body for at least a day. The brutal crime took place in the Hristo Botev district of the capital.

45-year-old Iliyan Velinov lived with his mother in the neighborhood for years, but except for work, he did not go out. He worked as a security guard. However, his mother Violetta was something of a star among her neighbors. Due to leg problems, she used an electric scooter to shop. She hung her bags on the steering wheel, and when they saw her, the neighbors always took her luggage and talked to her.

The woman did not complain about her son, she even said that he was a hard worker. In the last 2 weeks, however, he started hitting on her. That’s why she filed several reports against him. The last one was on Saturday. Then the man ran amok in his underpants in the yard. He was even detained by the police and taken to a psychiatric hospital. However, he was only sedated there with medication, after which he was let go.

This is how the tragedy happened, which is believed to have happened on Monday or Tuesday. In a fit of rage, Velinov pounced on Violetta and started stabbing her with knives. He stabbed 2 blades into the head of his mother, who died from the injuries.

Despite this, Velinov behaved as if nothing had happened. Violetta’s body was discovered by her neighbors who went looking for her. They called the police, who quickly realized that the son was the killer.

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Velinov was detained for 24 hours and will be charged with murder. A decision will be made as to whether he should be permanently detained or placed in a treatment facility.

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