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Reduce Visceral Fat by Changing Your Diet: How to Decrease Meat Fat, Processed Meat, and Carbohydrates and Increase Whole Grains and Legumes

Reduce meat fat, processed meat, carbohydrates, and eat grains and legumes frequently.

Entered 2024.02.12 19:25 Entered 2024.02.12 19:25 Modified 2024.02.12 21:35 Views 4,236 If you eat a lot of meat fat or processed meat that is high in saturated fat, visceral fat can accumulate. [사진 = 게티이미지뱅크]

The fat accumulated between the internal organs around the abdomen is called visceral fat. It stimulates the sensory nerves of major organs and causes an inflammatory response. Insulin resistance, which regulates blood sugar, increases, causing blood sugar levels to soar and immunity to decrease, increasing the risk of various diseases. Cell aging is also accelerated. What are the worst eating habits that increase visceral fat? How to reduce it?

Today too, we have pork belly and tripe dinner… . Neutral fat accumulates in the intestines

Visceral fat is more harmful to your health than subcutaneous fat under the skin. It is a risk factor for metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease, which causes belly fat, diabetes, and high blood pressure. A risk factor for visceral fat is eating a lot of fat parts of meat such as pork belly and tripe, and processed meat such as ham and sausage. It is high in saturated fat, which causes cholesterol and neutral fat to accumulate between the intestines. You should also eat beef and pork to maintain muscle, but it is better to focus on lean meat. Lean meat also contains saturated fat, but less than lean meat.

Today again, I fall prey to the temptation of carbohydrates and sweetness.

In addition to foods high in saturated fat, excessive intake of carbohydrates is also a cause of visceral fat. If you like bread or noodles, your blood sugar rises and fat increases in your internal organs. It is better to eat carbohydrates, but mainly whole grains and mixed grains. In particular, if you cannot resist the temptation of sweetness and eat too much simple sugar such as sugar, visceral fat increases significantly. This is why you gain belly fat if you enjoy sweet foods even if you don’t eat meat.

I ate whole grains, beans, vegetables, fish, and seaweed… Changes in your body?

Try eating foods high in unsaturated fatty acids, which have the opposite effect of saturated fat. These include whole grains, beans, nuts, green vegetables, fish, seaweed, olive oil and perilla oil. If you significantly reduce red meat and eat foods with unsaturated fatty acids, your body’s blood and blood vessel health will improve (data from the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency). Contributes to the prevention and control of hyperlipidemia (dyslipidemia). Visceral fat also decreases. Dietary fiber from whole grains, vegetables, and seaweed reduces fat absorption in the body and directly lowers neutral fat.

Aerobic + strength exercise… Use as much calories as possible in your body

If you control your diet and increase physical activity, your body will change significantly. When calories (food) come in, you must move your body and use them sufficiently to prevent the remaining fat from accumulating in the internal organs. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity (conversation level) exercise per week. Aerobic exercise such as walking is good, but you should also do strength training in your daily life, such as lifting dumbbells, lifting heels, squatting, and climbing stairs. If you don’t want to move, you’re bound to gain belly fat.

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