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Original title: Real hammer!Musk admits that Tesla has quality problems. US agency: 250 problems per 100 vehicles


[Real hammer! Musk admits that Tesla has quality problems. US agency: 250 problems per 100 vehicles]Tesla is widely criticized for product quality problems. Recently, Tesla CEO Musk admitted for the first time Tesla’s quality control problems in an interview with industry analyst Sandy Munro. (China Securities Journal)

“Yes, our production is like hell.”

  TeslabecauseproductqualityThe problem is widely criticized. recently,TeslaCEO Musk is working with the industryAnalystIn an interview with Sandy Munro, he admitted for the first timeTeslaQuality control issues.

  Not enough time to dry the paint

Musk said in the interview: “We spent some time to really solve the production problem. During the previous increase in production, we found that the paint did not dry. If we find out earlier, we can solve it earlier. Speeding up the production line requires an extra one to two minutes. Let the vehicle paint dry, but there is actually not enough time to dry the paint. This is an example, yes, our production is like hell.”

Musk said: “A friend asked me when should I buy a Tesla? My answer is to either buy it at the beginning or wait until the production stabilizes. Because in the process of production acceleration, the output must rise linearly while still returning It is indeed very difficult to be perfect in all details.”

Musk also admitted that the seat of the early version of Model S was terrible: “Probably the worst seat of all the cars I have ever taken”, which stimulated the Model 3 to design more comfortable seats.

In 2020, Tesla delivered nearly 500,000 vehicles, and analysts expect this number to increase to 800,000 vehicles this year.

According to Musk’s purchase timing-either buy it at the beginning or wait until the production is stable. I’m afraid Han Han cannot agree.

Recently, Han Han revealed in an interview his experience of buying a Tesla-he started earning manuscript fees in the 1990s, and made 2 million yuan in a year by writing novels. Han Han, who likes racing, bought one of the Tesla cars when he first launched.At that time, a friend advised Han Han, since he was optimistic about new energy for electric vehicles, he should buy some Teslastock?Han Han refused: “I don’tStocks, Just buy this car”.

As ChinamarketHan Han said that the first batch of Teslas was still leaking, and the residual value of the current Tesla may be around 200,000 yuan.

  Large-scale failure recall

Recently, Tesla is experiencing the largest failure recall since its establishment.

February 2nd, US National HighwaytrafficSafety managementBureau (NHTSA) published a new recall on its websiteannouncement. According to the announcement, Tesla, a new energy vehicle company, has applied for a “voluntary” recall of 134,951 ModelS and ModelX vehicles, on the grounds that the embedded multimedia memory card (eMMC) failures on these vehicles caused the central control screen to fail to function normally.

As early as January 13, U.S. National Highway Traffic SafetymanagementThe bureau filed a recall request to Tesla, saying that it initially determined that the Model S produced from 2012 to 2018 and the Model X produced from 2016 to 2018 had safety issues.Touch screenFailures can cause serious safety problems, including loss of rearview mirrors, reversing cameras, and windshieldglassThe defogging and defrosting systems are malfunctioning, and these systems “may reduce the visibility of drivers in inclement weather.”

Domestic Tesla models are also in frequent situations. Recently, Mr. Tu from Nanchang, Jiangxi, purchased a Tesla Model 3 that was only 6 days old. After charging it on a super charging pile, the power was suddenly cut off. After inspection, the person in charge of the after-sales service stated that the fault was caused by too much current in the national grid at the moment of charging, not necessarily a problem with the vehicle.

On January 31, State Grid Nanchang Power Supplythe companyAccording to a statement issued, Tesla electric vehicles are directly connected and used with Tesla’s special charging device. During use, the voltage of the power supply line is stable and no abnormalities, and it meets the power supply specified by the state.Quality requirements; It is recommended that Tesla ask professionals to carefully find the cause of the vehicle charging failure.

On February 1, Tesla apologized for the first time, saying that the specific cause of the current overload was still under inspection.

According to incompletestatistics, Since 2020, there have been more than ten Tesla electric vehicle “out of control” accidents in China. In every “out of control” accident, the driver described the failure of the brakes and automatic acceleration of the Tesla car during the incident.

In 2020 the United StatesconsumptionPersonreport》In the reliability ranking, Tesla ranked second from the bottom. Among them, Model 3, as Tesla’s highest rated model, scored only 53 points, and Model Y only 5 points.

United StatesMarket research companyJ.DPower released the 2020 American Market New Car Quality Study (IQS) report that Tesla’s initial quality score is 250PP100, which means that every 100 Tesla models will have 250 problems, ranking bottom.

(Article source: ChinaSecuritiesNewspaper)

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