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Puebla has more than 2 thousand patients waiting to receive an organ

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Pilar Bravo / News Tribune
08/23/2021 , 5:42 pm

Puebla, Pue.- In Puebla there is a State Transplant Council where requests to obtain an organ are concentrated, mainly kidney, so that during 2020 donation and transplantation actions were suspended; however, they have already been opened and the IMSS has begun receiving organs at the Hospital de Traumatología y Ortopedia.

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In Puebla the requests increased in the last two years, so there is now a list of at least two thousand applications to obtain a kidney, a hundred corneas and at least a dozen hearts.

Dr. Francisco Morales Flores, director of the Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopedics, reported that at the IMSS are open not only to receive donor organsyes, but they are with highly trained personnel to be able to perform extraction and transplant surgeries.

Not all organ donations remain to meet Puebla’s demand, since health policy is managed at the central level by the National Transplant Council, which assesses emergencies and decides which hospital it is assigned to, since organs are not spare parts. mechanical, but you must have the information of the recipient and the donor so that they are compatible.

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In addition, the IMSS promotes the culture of donation all the time among the rightful population., so that living people make their families aware of the desire to donate their organs in the event of death and that there are conditions so that it can be donated to another human being who can live with a transplant.

In Puebla there are many successful cases of kidney transplant surgeries and some patients have exceeded 15 more years of life, since they received the donation.

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