‘Gas bill rises to 6,500 euros per year’ – Wel.nl

The energy bill for an average family rises from 2000 to 5000 euros per year, Vattenfall announced last week. According to Ben Woldring, it will get worse.

The founder of the Bencom Group (Gaslicht.com) states that the new model contracts will be 6,500 euros per year for an average family, more than 500 euros per month. “Putin is turning on the gas tap and the demand for gas is still high because all European countries want to build gas reserves for next winter,” he said. said Woldring in the Telegraaf.

According to Woldring, the government is doing far too little to compensate for the high energy costs and the VAT reduction on energy from 21 to 9 percent is a sham. In many countries this is already 6 percent. “Nevertheless, our government earns even more than before. Do the math: 9% on 6,500 euros versus 21% on 2,300 euros.”

De Groninger also believes that we should obtain gas from our own soil. “In the Netherlands, 8 billion cubic meters of gas could be extracted this year in our own gas fields, which still contain more than 500 billion cubic meters of natural gas. But from 1 October that will be scaled down and we will go to a maximum of 2.8 billion cubic meters. the biggest energy crisis?”


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