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Plovdiv Faces Cleanup After Hundreds of Trees and Branches Fall Due to Wet Snow

Over 200 reports of fallen trees and branches were received tonight
Hundreds of employees and 52 machines work to clean Plovdiv

As early as 4:30 this morning, the mayor of Plovdiv, Kostadin Dimitrov, alerted the heads of “Cleanliness” and “Gardens and Parks” because of the wet snow. He personally walked along boulevards and streets and even cleared fallen branches with his bare hands, it is clear from the photos that the press center of the municipality distributed.

“The situation is terrible, mainly because of the fallen branches. There is a corpse in the parks,” commented officials.

Dimitrov explained to “24 Chasa” that he arrived in the municipality at 3 o’clock to coordinate the actions of the headquarters. “The problem came from the wet snow that stuck to the leaves and brought down many branches and even trees on the roads themselves,” said the mayor. True to his style, imposed even in the Trakia region as mayor, he personally took up the clean-up while going around the critical points in the city. “We are working in sync with the fire department and the police to secure individual sections,” added Dimitrov.

According to him, the deputy mayor for ecology, Ivan Stoyanov, did not blink all night and led the teams of “Cleanliness” and “Gardens and Parks”.

The situation is now normalizing, the mayor assures.

52 machines have been working on the streets of Plovdiv since the first hours of snowfall. At the moment, they are passable in winter conditions, Dimitrov himself announced. Together with his deputies for ecology Ivan Stoyanov and for public order and security Angel Slavov, as well as with the directors of “Cleanliness” and “Gardens and Parks” Dimitar Georgiev and Anton Georgiev, he coordinates the cleaning activities in the municipality.
“Due to the wet snow, more than 200 reports of fallen branches and trees were received. 90 of them have been processed. Teams of the “Plovdiv 112” volunteer formation will support the Regional Directorate “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population” at any moment, Kostadin Dimitrov said and added that he is in continuous contact with the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
“20 sandblasters and 32 snowplows treat the roads. The entire staff of OP “Cleanliness” is working in the field, there are already manual labor brigades from OP “Gardens and Parks”, as well as from OKT”, explained the deputy mayor for ecology Ivan Stoyanov.
“Strong gusts of wind are expected later in the day. Please don’t go outside because of the danger of falling objects and branches,” appealed the Mayor of Plovdiv Kostadin Dimitrov. Kostadin Dimitrov personally went out at dawn on the streets and boulevards to see how they were cleared. At 4:30 this morning, Kostadin Dimitrov gathered deputy mayors and the heads of “Cleanliness” and “Gardens and Parks” because of the wet snow.

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