Pamporovo welcomes the return of winter while Varna experiences hail (Video, photos)

After warming and pleasant temperatures over the weekend, winter, rain and cold temperatures have returned to the country.

Snow fell in Pamporovo and on the Prevala pass. A strong storm hit Dobrich, and hail fell in Varna.

As “24 Chasa” previously wrote, the bad weather did not pass Plovdiv either. There, whole trees were uprooted and cars were crushed. Fortunately, the damage was only material, with no reports of injured people.

March ends with an almost wintry situation – a cyclone north of the Balkans will bring colder air and windy weather to our country.

The beginning of April is expected to be sunny and with spring temperatures, but in the period April 2-4, a new cold atmospheric front will pass through the country, which means a new cold and spring rains. No steady rain-free weather is seen until the middle of the month.

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