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Nisreen Tafesh Keeps Fans Engaged Through Social Media

The artist, Nisreen Tafesh, continues to interact with her followers through her accounts on various social networking sites.

The artist, Nisreen Tafesh, shares with her followers the latest photos and videos documenting moments of her private life, which they interact with remarkably.

In continuation of this situation, Nisreen Tafesh shared a new set of photos, documenting the most prominent moments of her summer vacation.

And “Nisreen” appeared in the pictures, wearing an orange dress, on the edge of the swimming pool.

While “Nisreen” documented the moment she ate some food and fruits.

The star commented on the photos, posted on “Instagram”, as follows: “Summer means happy times and happy sunshine.”

Nisreen Tafesh’s divorce

This session comes days after Nisreen Tafesh announced her separation from her husband, and asked her followers to respect privacy.

And “Nisreen” wrote at the time on her account with the “Instagram” application: “I have been officially divorced in all calm and peace. I ask everyone to respect privacy.”

About Nisreen Tafesh

An artist who entered the world of fame and lights through the window of singing, then became a professional actress and participated in a large group of artworks, including the series “Rabee Cordoba, Hulagu, Echo of the Spirit, Sunset Tales, Women’s Sessions”, and films such as “The Secret Men’s Club” starring the Egyptian star Karim Abdulaziz.

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