New Yorkers respond to reports about Omicron

In just hours, the second contagion of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus registered in the United States, a visitor to Midtown, became at least five confirmed cases in our state.

The participant in the Anime NYC convention at the Javits Center is from Minnesota and is reportedly vaccinated but not boosted and experiencing mild symptoms of the disease.

The first officially recognized case in New York, and for which more information is available, corresponds to a 67-year-old Suffolk woman who tested positive for the virus upon her return from South Africa, with two more cases in Queens and at least one in Brooklyn. ; which suggests community outreach from Omicron and, according to officials, warrants changes in the city.

Manhattan Councilman Mark Levine said:

“They have to declare that they are not fully vaccinated until they have their booster.

“Second, I would support that children not be allowed into restaurants and indoor spaces until they have at least their first injection.

“Third, we must put a mandate for masks in supermarkets, warehouses and laundries.”

Mayor De Blasio assured that the city has the best tracking system for possible COVID cases and Governor Hochul insisted that there is no cause for alarm.

To measure the possible extension of the contagions of the new variant, the Anime convention in the ‘Javits’, registered more than 53,000 attendees and the genetic evaluation here is reduced to only 15% of the laboratory samples.

While officials ruled out changing mask or inoculation requirements and redoubled their recommendations for New Yorkers to get vaccinated and get the booster shot, we found no residents who have already done so.

“Whoever cares about his life, is going to protect himself and so we continue well; otherwise, they already know the consequences. I have not put on the reinforcement but I am already vaccinated,” said a woman.

“Actually I would not know how to prepare, but if it leaves me a lot to think about and take action on the matter to see how we can prevent all this, added another passerby.

For her part, the state health commissioner, who was also the city’s health commissioner, said she was hopeful that the protocols in place would allow the authorities to deal with this new wave of cases more efficiently than they sometimes did. past.

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