More soldiers will help Lithuanian border guards to guard the Belarusian border

“At the border with Belarus, there is a growing trend of migrant attempts to cross the border illegally, so we have a duty to respond and be prepared for worst-case scenarios. Given that our border is currently not fully equipped with modern surveillance systems and physical barriers throughout “We need to strengthen the border guards physically. It has been agreed that the border guards will be assisted by additional army forces,” said Interior Minister Agnes Bilotaite in a statement.

“We have always said that the Lithuanian Armed Forces have provided and will continue to provide support in the context of hybrid aggression, as needed, and we are ready for that,” emphasized Lithuanian Minister of Defense Arvīds Anušausks. “In addition, support continues [Eiropas Savienības (ES) robežsardzes aģentūra] “Frontex has seen new opportunities for Allied helicopters – we are not alone in this crisis.”

The Lithuanian Armed Forces have also been asked to extend support to the border guard until 31 December.

With a sharp increase in the flow of illegal migrants across the Belarusian border, Lithuania declared a state of emergency in the summer. Since August 3, according to the order of the Minister of the Interior, Lithuanian border guards have forced migrants to return.

From the beginning of the year until now, more than 4,200 illegal migrants have been detained in Lithuania, but since the order came into force, more than four thousand foreigners have been banned from crossing the border in unauthorized places.

Lithuanian officials point out that the Belarussian regime is deliberately facilitating the flow of migrants across the border, as Lithuania supports the democratic opposition in Belarus and has given asylum to its leader Svyatlan Cihanouska.

Last month, the Lithuanian Seimas approved President Gitan Nauseda’s decision to grant troops additional powers to operate on the Belarusian border in emergency situations, giving them the right to issue mandatory instructions to natural and legal persons, to track down and detain those who do not comply or are suspected of crimes. vehicles, their loads, people and luggage, also by special means. Such rights are reserved for soldiers only in the border area and in places of detention or accommodation of illegal immigrants.

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