Ministry of Health confirms 5 cases of Covid-19 in Mexico

Photo: Ministry of Health


In Mexico, a fifth confirmed case of COVID-19, Is a young woman, who is in home isolation in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, reported the Ministry of Health and clarified that in the next 40 or 50 days in our country only isolated cases of the new strain of coronavirus

He added that later, when “dozens of cases” are registered, it will be considered that Mexico It has already passed the community transmission phase. There are currently 11 suspicious cases throughout the country.

Of the confirmed cases, two are in Mexico City, the rest are in Coahuila, Sinaloa and the newly detected in Chiapas. It should be noted that there is a patient carrying COVID-19 in the State of Mexico.

3 suspected cases of Covid-19 reported in Veracruz

It was also reported that the patient zero – who by prevention has been admitted to the INER – has no symptoms and is ready to leave hospitalization, on Monday, after performing a final test to confirm that he is no longer a carrier of the new strain of coronavirus

At a press conference, the Undersecretary of Health Prevention and Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, He pointed out that the government has not presented excessive confidence before COVID-19, because the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) have been followed.

And he urged the population again not to fear COVID-19 and to follow all possible hygiene measures to avoid contagion.

We understand that there may be anxiety, that there is concern, that there is fear. That is a human reaction and we want to be totally expressive of our sympathy with all the Mexicans and Mexicans who feel, danger, who feel fear and we reiterate: we must not have that fear, it is normal, we must not feel bad for being afraid.

But, what should be done, is to know what the reality is, what is the size of the risk and to know what is the possibility, that you, you or you, at any given time could inform and the possibility we have said is extremely low at this time, ”he emphasized.

Before the proposal of Morena in the Chamber of Deputies to create an emerging fund of 25 billion pesos for the prevention and care of the coronavirus, the Undersecretary of Health responded:

We are far from needing 25 billion pesos to face the coronavirus epidemic. ”

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