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Beware: Heavy Rain Season Approaching in Ulm, Germany


The heavy rain season is about to begin. The city of Ulm warns against this and advises homeowners in particular to find out about these dangerous storms. The city of Ulm has prepared special heavy rain hazard maps.

Heavy rain runoff refers to the water that flows away, especially during short periods of heavy rain in summer. Due to the high intensity of precipitation, the water uses paths, streets and cuts in the terrain as above-ground drainage routes and causes so-called flash floods. A danger can arise primarily from water penetrating into buildings and the resulting direct or indirect impairment of people, the building structure or the furnishings. In addition to the amount of runoff influenced by soil properties, relief and use, the natural concentration of surface runoff or the concentration of surface runoff caused by structures (traffic routes, walls, etc.) as well as possible backwater phenomena are responsible for the damage. As a result of climate change, extreme situations and thus heavy rainfall events are expected to increase.

The city of Ulm has prepared special heavy rain hazard maps. The city has prepared information material about the heavy rain danger maps with the calculated flow velocities and flood depths.

The risk, i.e. the frequency of a heavy rain event, cannot be predicted or calculated. In contrast to flood events (water escaping from rivers), it cannot be recorded statistically. It can therefore only occur in 100 years or even this year. The Ulm district of Einsingen can serve as an example: it was hit twice within three years by an unforeseeable heavy rain event, which resulted in a 100-year flood in the town because the stream overflowed its banks.

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