Minister Hristo Hinkov Faces Accusations in Scandal Involving Defense Adviser

Minister Hristo Hinkov Faces Accusations in Scandal Involving Defense Adviser

Minister Hinkov is angry that he is being implicated in the scandal

Who is the employee of “Pirogov” who spread the incident with the adviser of the Minister of Defense Todor Tagarev Mustafa Emin on Facebook and after what check did he decide to do so? These are some of the questions that Tagarev insists on receiving an answer from the Minister of Health Prof. Hristo Hinkov.

The letter was sent on Friday and it was found out about it from a post by former health minister Kostadin Angelov on Facebook. In it, it is written that due to the need to clarify the case and the public response, which “damages the prestige of the Ministry of Defense”, Tagarev asks Hinkov to check in “Pirogov”, but also to say “how many and who are the administrators of the page of the medical facility in the social network”. TODOR TAGAREV

It was on the Facebook page of “Pirogov” that a status of one of the nurses was republished, from which it is understood that Emin was in the hospital on Monday evening and insisted that a child in serious condition be taken out of the anti-shock room in order to place his . In addition, Emin threatened the health minister, the doctors claim.

“I did not threaten in “Pirogov”, this sister was not present”, Emin insisted, however. He apologized if he behaved rudely with any of the doctors, but claimed that there was no scandal.

Meanwhile, on Friday, “Pirogov” came out with the results of their internal inspection. During it, recordings were made, as well as explanations from the medical specialists involved in the case. The results show that the staff on duty did the necessary examinations and tests and sent Emin’s child home with recommendations. The documentation is kept according to the rules. During these hours, emergency care was provided to 3 children in the children’s anti-shock room and a prolonged life-saving procedure was performed on another child who was admitted with severe hemorrhagic shock. “Pirogov” assures that the triage rules have been strictly followed.

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“I have nothing to do with the fact that some citizen used my name in his anger and I don’t know what kind of tension situation there is in “Pirogov”. I do not want to comment on this, because it seems to me that something is being made out of nothing and some scandal or intrigue is being sought. There is no such thing,” commented Health Minister Prof. Hristo Hinkov on Friday.

Internal checks are ongoing both in the Ministry of Defense and in the “Yes, Bulgaria” party, since Mustafa Emin is in its leadership.

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