Megan Mark is planning a home birth in her luxurious villa

“She has a beautiful house in California – a wonderful place to give birth. Megan was already planning a home birth with Archia, but you already know how it happens, even with the most carefully thought-out plans, “an unnamed acquaintance told PageSix. Megan said she had to change her original plans and go to the hospital, because Archie was not in a hurry to come into the world.

The sex of the unborn child was revealed by the Dukes of Sussex in an candid interview with Opra Winfrey. The couple said they were expecting a girl! The expectant parents do not say anything about the possible daughter’s name.

The girl will automatically become a US citizen and in the future will even be able to run for President if she wants to, because the law will not forbid her to do so. Thanks to the father, who is a British citizen, the girl will be able to obtain dual citizenship. Like her older brother, she will not have a royal title.

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