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Medvedev Warns of War with Russia: “It Will Be Fought with Cruise Missiles, Not Tanks”

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who is currently the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, commented on the claims that NATO countries “must be ready for war with Russia”. He stated that such a war would not be fought in trenches with tanks, artillery, etc., but with cruise missiles with special warheads.

“Sunak, Scholz, Macron, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish and other NATO chiefs continue to claim that ‘we must be ready for war with Russia. And although Russia has repeatedly stated that it has no plans for conflict with the NATO and EU countries, extremely dangerous talk on this topic continues. The reasons for this are obvious. It is necessary to distract the voters in order to justify the multi-billion expenses for the tired Bandera Ukraine,” Medvedev wrote on the X social network.

“After all, huge money is spent not on solving social problems in these countries, but on a war in a dying country alien to the taxpayers, whose population has spread across Europe and terrorized the local population. That is why every day the leaders of these countries say: “we must prepare for war with Russia and continue to help Ukraine, and therefore – we must produce more tanks, shells, drones and other weapons”, he also points out.

“But all European leaders are cynically lying to their citizens. If, God forbid, such a war happens, it will not follow the scenario of a special military operation. It will not be fought in trenches with artillery, armored vehicles, drones and radio electronic warfare means. “NATO is a huge military bloc, the population of the Alliance countries is almost 1 billion people, and their total military budget can reach one and a half trillion dollars,” commented Medvedev.

“Therefore, given the incomparability of our military potential, we will simply have no choice. The answer will be asymmetrical. Ballistic and cruise missiles with special warheads will be used to protect the territorial integrity of our country. This is based on our doctrinal war documents and is well known to all. And this is the infamous Apocalypse. The end of everything. Western politicians should tell their voters the bitter truth, not treat them like brainless idiots. To explain to them what is really going to happen, and not to repeat the false mantra of readiness for war with Russia,” he concludes.

2024-02-08 11:28:00
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