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Maria, the Singer: Proud of Certain Things, Has No Space in Heart for Rumors of Beating

“Thank you! I love you! I want to make you happy, meet you and have fun together! Making beautiful projects and favorite songs for more than 20 years for you. Many things are behind me that I am proud of, for others I don’t have a place in my heart and I don’t even remember them!”, the pop folk singer Maria wrote in a post on her Instagram profile. Her words come after news broke that she was the victim of domestic violence by her husband Miroslav Sokolov in the family apartment in Sofia’s Lozenets quarter on Tuesday.

A number of user comments under the post, giving her courage and congratulating her for giving voice to the problem of domestic violence, she welcomed, responding with heart again without denying such a scene.

Neighbors of the family said they heard screams from Maria’s home on the evening in question. Whether physical aggression took place has not yet been confirmed. Allegedly, the husband also sent death threats to his partner, writes Nova TV.

In front of the television, however, Maria commented evasively on the topic and only stated that she was fine and that she wanted some time to pass. “We’re going to leave it in limbo. Thanks for the attitude,” the singer said at the time.

Sokolov was detained and on Friday afternoon the court was considering his remand order. At the insistence of the parties, the magistrates decided to hold the hearing behind closed doors to preserve the couple’s privacy.

36-year-old Miroslav Sokolov is Maria’s third husband. They got married at the end of 2021. Maria has a daughter – Maria, from her first marriage.

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