Let’s help Suresh, let’s also go to Puttur: Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Let’s help Suresh and also go to Puttur.

Ollur: Thrissur Mandamangalam if you are ready to help Suresh, travel the route today.
All buses today run the Thrissur Mandamangalam – Ponnukkara route. Proceeds will go to Suresh’s medical treatment. Suresh at Vettukat Karikutty House for liver transplant surgery. I’m worried with no name. He has been undergoing treatment at Aster Medicity for the past three years. The doctor says there’s no other way to save Suresh’s life than a liver transplant. Of course, under the leadership of the Panchayat Menpar, continue what Rmar has made clear. Bus crew and owners came to the scene ready to help Shin

If the pickup is just one day, the number will not be enough Number of passengers traveling without pickup Residents are asked to deposit money in the bus bucket. A modest sum in an effort to support a life while traveling. Bus Jeeva hopes that Bhavanas will reach Suresh’s family, Nakar and the owners.
Bank of Baroda Ponnuka also in the name of Suresh Chikitsa Sahayasamithi An account was also opened at the branch. Account No .: 850910110003202 IFSC BKID 0008509.

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