Legendary Journalist Tosho Toshev: A Life of Controversy and Resilience

Legendary Journalist Tosho Toshev: A Life of Controversy and Resilience

I was a newspaperman, not a womanizer – I have 6 marriages and 6 divorces, three sons from three mothers, the 80-year-old journalist confessed in his last interview

Several times I reach the gates of heaven, I don’t know heaven’s or hell’s.

This is how Tosho Toshev, the legendary editor-in-chief of the Trud newspaper, described his life to “Filter”, days before he died in Tokuda Hospital from lung failure.

He tells Petya Baharova that he is the longest living person with a transplanted liver, but he himself is worried about provoking the Devil. On September 20, when this “messy” conversation, in his opinion, was published in the weekly, Toshev did not manage to read it. Early in the morning at 6.30 he died at the age of 80 and 3 months before his birthday on December 7.

Tosho Toshev was one of the most prominent Bulgarian journalists. His whole life has been spent in this difficult profession. He is also a writer and publisher.

He was born in 1942 in the village of Drinovo, Targovishtko. As a student at the High Current Technical School “Kirov” he wrote in the newspaper “Srednoshkolsko zname”.

He graduated from “Bulgarian Philology” at the University of Sofia and returned to “Srednshkolsko zname” for his first professional internship. After two years, he was in “Evening News”, which was then a party organ of the City Committee of the BKP in Sofia. In the 1970s, he was in the “People’s Youth”, then in the “Propaganda” department of the Central Committee of the BKP in Sofia, and then in the BNT.

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In the mid-1980s, the editor-in-chief of “Trud” became Vladislav Panov, until then head of the state television and leader of the trade union newspaper Toshev as deputy editor-in-chief. Ten years later, in 1991, Toshev became its editor-in-chief.

His life turned upside down in 2010, when businessman Lyubomir Pavlov briefly entered the media and removed him as editor-in-chief of Trud. In 2012, Toshev created a new daily newspaper – “Press”, which went bankrupt in 2015.

During his long career, Toshev overcame severe life and health problems. It starts with the liver transplant in Germany. According to him, he is the first adult Bulgarian with a liver transplant. His savior is Prof. Krum Katsarov, who takes him to the city of Essen, where an international team operates on him. Toshev lived with a transplanted liver until his death – 23 years.

The second great trial and near encounter with Death, which Toshev tells about, is his illness from lymphoma. He was operated on 9 years after the transplant. This time Prof. Katsarov takes his patient to Paris – it is known that one of the best hematology in Europe is in France. It turns out that the lymphoma is advanced. Toshev is undergoing strong chemotherapy. He returned to Bulgaria and was successfully treated in a Military Hospital. That was my next meeting with those friends of mine, Toshev says.

He also describes his difficult childhood to “Filter”. His grandfather Tosho, after whom he was named, was a middle-class Bulgarian. He built a mill, but after September 9, 1944, it was nationalized and left to crumble. Grandpa Tosho dies of grief.

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Toshev calls his father Nikola a “bohemian” – after knocking down a few glasses of brandy, the whole world became his. He despised communism and the new system and was sent to Belene “for re-education”.

My father talked, drank a lot, beat us, beat my mother. In general, I had a fucking childhood, Toshev is frank.

Journalism became his great love and passion. There is no way in an interview with Tosho Toshev not to talk about his wives. His confession surprises: What man does not like beautiful women? I was not a womanizer, I was a newspaperman, I lived in the newspaper. Besides this job of mine, I was not able to make a healthy family, but I am a family type of person. I have been married 6 times and divorced as many times. I have three sons from three mothers. I am a father of many children in Bulgaria…

“24 Chasa” offers its condolences to the family of Tosho Toshev

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