Latest Cancer Treatments and Their Side Effects: Insights from Oncologist Reham Omar

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Oncologist Reham Omar revealed the latest cancer treatments and their side effects.

development treatment

She said during an interview with the “Sabah Al-Arabiya” program: “There is a tremendous development in the treatment of tumors, and every day a new drug appears, and currently there is immunotherapy and targeted therapies, so there is great hope even in light of the spread of cancer in the body, indicating that this disease is no longer death sentence.

She added, “The treatments have side effects, but they are much less than chemotherapy,” pointing out that immunotherapy works to strengthen immunity to eliminate cancer, and one of its side effects is the occurrence of immune diseases, where antibodies are formed that attack the body.

And she added, “All types of cancer have many advanced treatments, including breast tumors, lymphomas, and myeloid tumors.”

cells small

She explained that the new treatments are limited to small cells and the skin, and continued: “Immunotherapy is used in the treatment of tumors, but the vaccine is still under experiment.” Pointing out that every day the treatment protocols change.

eradication Tumor

She added, “It is required to use the Amino Therapy treatment, with Vaxin, in cases of melanoma that affects the skin, to completely remove the tumor, to reduce the rate of recurrence of the tumor.”

2023-06-08 13:19:26

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