‘My video finally gets people talking about the Giant Gum event’

In the almost eleven-minute video, entitled ‘I’m sorry Reuzegom, sorry’, Vandergunst discusses the impact of his earlier video in which he announced the names of two Reuzegommers as well as the reactions he received to his action.

“What we have set in motion is ‘insane’. My video finally gets people talking and discussing the whole Giant Gum thing and the horrible things the Giant Gums did to Sanda Dia.” He also repeats his criticism of the media and the judiciary, who, according to him, do not deal consistently with the privacy of suspects. According to him, the Reuzegommers get preferential treatment because they are of the “high class”.

He also draws the authenticity of the threatening letter to Joris van Cauter (one of the Reuzegoma lawyers, ed.) in doubt. The YouTuber even suggests that the lawyer created the letter himself. “None of you would do this,” Vandergunst tells his followers.

The YouTuber says he has not yet received any charges for revealing the names. “I received two threatening letters from lawyers, but no real charges,” said Vandergunst. He says he is “afraid, but proud” of what his video has brought about.

Penitent dress

Acid also admits that he made mistakes in his previous video. For example, he apologizes to the people he used as an illustration in his previous video to describe the allegedly influential parents of the Reuzegommers. He used photos of various judges and politicians who have no ties with the Reuzegommers.

Acid is angry that some media suggest that he disclosed names of Giant Gommers who would have nothing to do with the case. “If you help cover up traces, you are an accomplice and you also have blood on your hands,” said the YouTuber.

Acid makes a comeback with this video after a week’s suspension on the video platform.

Why De Morgen does not identify the former Reuzegommers

Eighteen former members of Reuzegom were sentenced today. De Morgen chooses not to mention them by name, given the nature of the judgment.

After years, the trial surrounding the death of Sanda Dia (20) has been decided. Eighteen former members have been sentenced to community service by the court. They go free for the most serious part of the charge.

Since the judges have imposed community service, we maintain anonymity and use initials and/or nicknames, as we did in the run-up to and during the trial itself.

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