Kremena Kuneva appealed to the Ministry of Education and Culture about a dye involving the son of Kostadin Kostadinov

People’s representative Kremena Kuneva will refer the Ministry of Education and the competent committee in the parliament for the case of paint involving the son of Kostadin Kostadinov. She herself announced this on her Facebook page.

Earlier today, the leader of “Vazrazhdane” said that his son was collecting signatures at his school for the referendum on the preservation of the Bulgarian lev. His classmate opposed him, as a result of which Kostadinov Jr. started slapping him. The two boys later engaged in a gang fight, with Kostadinov boasting that the score ended up being 2-0 in favor of his kid.

“Do you realize what it means for a deputy to provoke and admire violence against children at school? Or anywhere for that matter!
Do you realize how far Russian roulette has come?

That day, people from the parliament competed with Ninova to shout “don’t touch the children!”. Which children?

Those who are against the euro or those who are for it?
Now I will tell you! DON’T TOUCH THE CHILDREN, because I don’t know if the leva or the ruble is your cause, BUT FOR ME THE CHILDREN ARE!” Kuneva wrote.

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