Journal – Jens Kellersmann new Head of Corporate Communications at Uniplan

New Head of Corporate Communications at Uniplan: Jens Kellersmann.

Jens Kellersmann has been the new Head of Corporate Communications at Uniplan in Cologne since the beginning of November. He succeeds Hanna Kutzner, who is initially withdrawing from the company and the industry. With the internationally experienced marketing and communication all-rounder, the company not only underscores its consistently global orientation: “We expect Jens to provide new impulses for our external image, but also for more intensive internal communication. With locations in China and various European countries, internal communication also plays an important role, ”says CEO Europe, Rüdiger Maeßen, describing the tasks of his new head of communications.

“I am pleased to be able to contribute my experience from agencies and companies in order to make the dynamic development towards a holistic agency for brand experience and brand communications communicative,” confirms Kellersmann. The many years of advisory work will certainly help him as well as the responsible management of global communication and digital marketing teams. In companies in particular, the “full circle” communication approach is extremely important. Kellersmann: “Content marketing and the development of consistent campaigns is the measure of all things. Everything that companies spend money on in communication becomes part of this system and requires agencies to think in terms of the entire breadth of communication and marketing. I am sure that this is one of the reasons why so many customers keep planning and implementing their brand experiences with Uniplan. “

Kellersmann comes from the technology start-up punQtum, where he was responsible for global digital communication and digital marketing. The former journalist and PR consultant previously headed global product PR and social media communication for the Japanese company Wacom.

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