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Ivanov and Borisov CAN agree on 5 tasks and leave their differences in brackets. May cabinet? (Overview)

The GERB leader apologized to his colleague from “Yes, Bulgaria” for appointing him prime minister – it was obvious that after Kiril Petkov they were ashamed of such a post

After three days of deliberations, co-chair of “Democratic Bulgaria” Hristo Ivanov found the intersection between his idea of ​​starting a new “mini-transition” and Boyko Borisov’s idea of ​​a “new social contract”. And at least he has publicly agreed to try a government with a third term.

The condition of the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice in the first GERB government is that politicians put their differences in brackets so that such a caretaker government can perform 5 tasks:

1. Bulgaria in Schengen

2. Entry into the Eurozone

3. Driving recovery plan laws

4. Army modernization

5. Judicial reform.

And Borisov agreed. But on the condition that the political leaders who will support such a cabinet sign an agreement.

The government will be “technical” and will follow a program similar to the declaration proposed a week ago by “Promyanata”, Ivanov explained to btv.

The smaller question is whether 121 people will be found on day X, but rather how will this office work on day Y the next day. The question is: can we stand behind 5 national tasks or can we stand in front of citizens and say: look, we are unsustainable, he explained. And it ensures that the dialogue on priorities and major issues has never been interrupted by DB.

However, it turned out that there were reservations about Borisov’s idea that the prime minister’s name should be Hristo Ivanov.

There is a regularity in politics: if someone from another party starts nominating someone from a rival party,

it is intrigue GERB was now a little worried that we would actually accept the mandate and started with the best offersexplains Ivanov.

Hours later, Borisov gathered GERB deputies and replied directly on his Facebook profile.

And as if he accepted the conditions of the co-president of the DB.

The third term has a real chance to come true if it goes to “Yes, Bulgaria”. If he goes to “Bulgarski Vozhod”, he could gather some kind of majority, but it won’t be stable and it won’t work out the way everyone wants, Borisov commented on possible scenarios. And he admitted that a month ago he gave preference to Yanev’s party, but he thought that he was “on good terms with the mandate givers”. From the outside it already seems that this is not the case, Borisov saw, hinting

problem between the president and his former caretaker prime minister

The GERB leader even apologized to Ivanov for the appointment, which the DB leader accepted as an intrigue.

My apologies to Christo, I didn’t want to predetermine or cancel it, I don’t see an attempt to cancel it by proposing you as prime minister. Whether Atanasov or Mirchev or anyone else is in charge is their business. The important thing is that he is authorized by the party or the coalition to come to the talks. In particular for

Christ, I didn’t want to destroy him as a politician

If you are addressing a party, it is correct to address the leader. Apparently, being offered after Kiril Petkov is ridiculous. Once he was nice to you, now he offends you, he was a kerfiske he has declared. And she added that now everything is distorted: “leaders suffocate and hide and technicians are pushed forward.”

The only ambiguity for Borisov was the term “technical” government.

The technician can screw in the bulb, fix the lamp, emphasized the GERB leader in his typical style. Therefore, he wants the presidents of the parties that would support a government with a DB mandate to sign an agreement and a programme.

And only in this way can there be a stable functioning government. So according to values, as they say, declare not declare, these things, and “Change” should support them. For better or for worse, the PP has currently taken the left seat of a left-liberal formation with its populist decisions.

There is no way for them to position themselves on the right, and even if they try, it means that “Yes, Bulgaria” must respect them. Obviously they don’t want to Borisov thinks.

He recalled that “during the budget vote, GERB, DPS and DB were so united that you even worried me”.

Indeed, DB and GERB together saved the state from bankruptcy

Borisov has promised that these days in the parliament there will be a majority of 160-170 deputies on key laws proving that the mandate of “democratic Bulgaria” could be successful. And indicate on what topics.

They will have an enormous majority, because the parliamentarians have understood that they don’t want to be in the shadow of the previous government, which did what it did, but I don’t want to take away their smile. It turned out we were making them sad by telling the truth. When all the billions in Lukoil stop, many people will be sad, but people will be happy, because everyone who goes for gas will get one lev.

And there will be a huge majority for the disabled, because that’s right, and there will be a majority for fuels, and for reactors, because it ensures that Bulgaria remains a nuclear country and has a huge human potential that has something to work with . And the recovery plan to redo and not kill energy will have an overwhelming majority because it is right.

Borisov has pledged with the judiciary that the law on mediation will also be passed, and with people in the IT sector, that the blue cards for importing specialists and the salary ceiling will become law.

Tomorrow is the round table on changes to the judicial system, stop talking about legality and do itthe GERB leader also advised.

The rapprochement, at least in public speeches, between GERB and DB increasingly angers “Let’s keep the change going.” As “24 Chasa” wrote, the formations of Petkov and Vassilev did not like Ivanov’s request for the bridge to GERB: the former should forget to complain, and the latter should accept that the government cannot continue as it was with them.

Borisov saw evidence of the PP’s lack of will in the words of MP Radostin Vassilev. The former sports minister, who left Slavi Trifonov to stay with Petkov and Vasilev, announced their promise of talks does not signify support for a government.

I think it is impossible for both PP and GERB to support a DB government. The PP has the support of the people because it opposes the GERB.

Incorporation into a general government

it will do damage Hypothetically, let’s imagine that the mandate goes to Ivanov and he tried – because he really wants to – to find that edge on which to collect all incompatible projects, analyzed the lawyer.

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