Iranian tanker unloads oil for Lebanon in Syria


DAMASCUS – One tanker Iran is unloading gasoline at the port of Baniyas, Syria, destined for neighboring Lebanon.

News agency Reuters reported on the online oil shipment tracking service on Tuesday (14/9/2021).

“Unable to ship directly by sea to Lebanon due to sanctions, the ship instead went to Baniyas, Syria, for land transfers,” said on Twitter, referring to US economic sanctions against the government in Tehran. Syria is also under US sanctions, so there is nothing to lose by receiving oil from Iran.

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“This step will require 1,310 tanker trucks to transport cargo to Lebanon,” said, estimating a cargo of 33,000 metric tons of gasoil.

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Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the first ship carrying Iranian fuel to help Lebanon through its financial crisis had docked in Syria on Sunday and the shipment would reach Lebanon on Thursday.

He added a second ship with fuel oil (BBM) would arrive at the Syrian port of Baniyas in a few days, with a third and fourth ship, carrying gasoline and fuel oil respectively, also to arrive.

Everyday life is almost crippled as the fuel dries up because Lebanon has no dollars to pay for it.



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